Top Influencers for Children and Families

Do you work for a child and family brand? Looking for an easy way to communicate with parents? Collaborating with a mom or dad influencer is a real asset for your digital marketing. This allows you to address a qualified target directly, without detours and without fuss. Discover the top family influencers you need to know.


Top 5 mommy influencers

The profiles of mothers are numerous on the web: young, creative, entrepreneurs, housewives, sportswomen or cooks, they are precious for the children’s business. It is now essential to use their influence to develop brand awareness.

And God created

Elisa is a hyperactive mom who has a lot to keep her busy between her three children (Jules, Lou and Mia), her blog, her Parisian life and social networks. She grew up in Africa and has retained a taste for travel from her childhood. So she often takes family getaways, which she shares in her articles and posts, through her literary writing. She is one of the first family influencers and has been telling her story for about ten years now.



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Lorilyn aka Lauriane is as much a presence on YouTube as she is on Instagram. She shares her beauty and fashion tips with her community of over 1.5 million subscribers. In her videos, she depicts everyday family moments. In humorous sketches, she plays herself, her husband and their children, Jen, Josh and the youngest, Jessy.




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Mini Reyve

Eve is the mother of three children, Marius, Louison and Marlo, not forgetting the cat Padme. She lives with her little family in Paris and is a full-time blogger. She has also created an online store. Her favorite subjects: do-it-yourself, travel, fashion and graphic design. She tells of her daily life as a Parisian mother. In her reels, she shares zany and often very funny videos.



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Wild Jesus

Wild Jesus is Sandra who expresses herself through a blog and Instagram where she has over 160,000 followers. In it, she shares her colourful and creative daily life with her three boys and her husband. His photos are aesthetic and offer a poetic atmosphere. You’ll go back to childhood with her, in a world filled with decorations, cats and messy playrooms. She is also raising awareness in her community about the autism that affects her son Ugo.



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Four children

Agnès Labbé, mother of four children, including twins, is logically in our ranking of family influencers. She describes herself in her Instagram bio as a “rough education enthusiast”. She has written a book of the same name and also a Survival Guide to the first 100 days after childbirth.



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Top 5 dad influencers

Moms are not the only ones with influence on the Internet. Although their accounts are smaller, dads also have a say and influence, not to be underestimated, in their large community of men and women.

Papa Chouch

Papa Chouch offers a humorous vision of parenthood on social networks. He slips in quotations and jokes, he “militates” for humour and makes parents feel comfortable. He has published two books for children aged 5 and over, The Lion Who Lost His Tail and The Beaver Who Dreamed of Having a Friend, and has also created a board game for family fun.


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I am a father

Olivier is a single dad. In addition to being a family influencer himself, he founded a communication agency, specialized in brand content, social media & influence. His blog I’m a dad was born in 2011. It has since evolved into a site for information, exchanges between parents, shopping tips and tricks. Olivier is also the author of books such as Devenir un super papa en 365 trucs et astuces.


Daddy Online

Jean-Philippe is also a blogger since 2011. Father of three children, journalist, he delivers on his site files, tests and favourites, ideas for outings and news. His wife, Delphine, collaborates on the editorial and offers psychology and health content.


My life as a gay dad

Pierre and Romain are the fathers of three girls, including twins. They advocate through their Instagram account for the recognition of homoparenting. They tell their community of nearly 150,000 subscribers about their daily lives as gay parents. They deliver a message of tolerance and love on the networks to break down prejudice.


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Daddy kiss

Behind the pseudonym of Papa bisou, hides Yoann. He lives in the south of France, in Montpellier, is passionate about photography and takes care of his daughter Louise, with his partner who also has a daughter. They created together the communication agency Suis-moi, specialized in visual identity on networks and blogs, a way to share intimacy and professional life.


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