The most beautiful watchmaking communication campaigns

Watch brands have their own identity and specific target. In collaboration with major communication agencies, they pay particular attention to their marketing and seek to make their mark on the times to remain anchored in memories.

Here are five of the most beautiful watchmaking communication campaigns of recent years.


1- Piaget watches, when dreams meet reality

Piaget’s Perfection in life communication campaign takes us into a world of dreams where reality and poetry are perfectly combined. The photographer Maud Rémy-Lonvis took these photographs in 2014 for the BETC agency, a specialist in luxury brands.

Visuals and a film set a sumptuous scene, that of fascinating cities lulled by a starry night that invites reverie: Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. The polished images reveal a sophisticated atmosphere. The urban cities embody this refined art of living and modernity.



The watch is central here. Its size invites to look in detail at the object, the know-how, the mechanism and the jewels to enhance the precision of the watchmaker’s craft. The first thing you see on the left is the brand name, the slogan, the city and then the watch, which runs from the bottom to the top of the poster and soars into the sky.

This watch advertisement has a preciousness and a timeless, magical elegance, out of time. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, the head of Piaget, said that this advert “revisits the origins of the brand and its rich personality” to reflect “the sophisticated art of living”.


2- The Chanel campaign, a watch anchored in the present

L’Instant Chanel is one of the most beautiful watchmaking communication campaigns of the last few years that has left its mark on the world of luxury marketing.

Fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier immortalizes the Chanel spirit to the millimeter… A series of 15 black and white diptychs parallels the position of the hands of a watch with the posture of a man or woman. Far from the usual 10:10 a.m. of traditional watch advertisements, the visuals here emphasize the importance of the present moment and invite us to enjoy the moment. For Nicolas Beau, Chanel’s international director, ” time is the tension between the future and the past, and we wanted to express Chanel’s vision of time through its watches: it is the present that is precious.

L'instant Chanel publicité montre luxe

This ad was previewed at the 2014 Basel International Watch Show where it won the 30th Grand Prix for Magazine Advertising. A great reward for this apology for the magic of the present moment and unique moments.

In this ad, Chanel’s unique style is revealed through looks and silhouettes. The luxury house imposes its vision of time and remains a timeless watchmaking brand.


3- Tag Heuer, a watch advertisement that is as good as it gets

The luxury watch manufacturer Tag Heuer has chosen to embody the idea of surpassing oneself. The Don’t Crack Under Pressure campaign, signed by CLM BBDO, reveals more a state of mind and a way of being than the object itself.

A commercial and a series of black and white visuals put the spotlight on famous people who excel in their field. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, actor Steve McQueen and tennis player Maria Sharapova embody strength, courage and ambition. The video cites the exploits of these giants, considered impossible, yet carried out with passion.


The slogan conveys a message of reliability and performance, not to mention precision, characteristics that the brand promotes: ” in theory, you give in to pressure “. Wearing a Tag Heuer watch will help you handle pressure, meet challenges and climb mountains.


4- Cartier, the design culture

Design culture is one of Cartier’s most impactful communication campaigns. The heroes of the visuals are the objects this time. But it is not its new products that Cartier has decided to highlight, but its most emblematic creations.


Seven of the most important creations from the jeweller’s history and heritage have been chosen to illustrate the timeless character of Cartier and its roots in the world of luxury. Four watches, the Ballon Bleu, the Tank, Panthère and Santos watches and three iconic pieces of jewellery are references that older people remember and younger people discover. A way for Cartier to confirm its timeless character.


5- Baume & Mercier, a communication campaign to celebrate life’s moments

The advertising agency Mazarine Mlle Noï and Peter Lindbergh signed an elegant black and white ad for the luxury watch brand Baume & Mercier. The photographer captures celebrations of life’s moments: a hug with his child, a birthday, a birth, a Christmas meal, etc.

Life is about moments Baume & Mercier

Publicité Baume & Mercier

Publicite Baume & Mercier

Publicite horlogerie montre Baume & Mercier

Publicite horlogerie montre Baume & Mercier

Alain Zimmermann, the head of the watchmaking company, had this to say about his work: “We had in mind portraits by Peter Lindbergh that infuse each face and each situation with a great deal of intensity. His way of telling stories, of considering the models as actors […] corresponded perfectly to what we wanted to convey.
Life is about moments is the slogan that accompanies the image. As a timepiece, the watch from the Swiss company Baume & Mercier is the perfect gift to accompany these precious moments. A communication campaign that stages the joyful stages of life, between intimacy and universality. We can’t help but identify with this man or woman who is living this privileged moment and seems so happy.

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