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Looking for an agency expert in React.js programming? Passionate about code and eager for new challenges, the React.js developer team from Alioze designs single-page applications using the React JavaScript library.


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React js: user interface creation library

Created by Facebook, React.js is often mentioned alongside other JavaScript frameworks. However, React is not a full-stack framework, or any other type of framework. It doesn’t offer all of the components that a developer would find in projects like Ember or AngularJS. In fact, many refer to React.js as just the V in MVC.

In fact, React was designed as a JavaScript library that makes it easier for developers to create a user interface. Unlike its competitors, so it’s just a library for rendering views.

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React: performance for agency developers

The aim of React.js is primarily to allow developers to easily create fast user interfaces. React therefore encourages the design of reusable components with input data that can change over time. In addition, React uses a virtual DOM to automatically update only the modified components and not the entire page.

React.js is thus privileged for:

  • The creation of projects requiring both an aesthetic and refined rendering while emphasizing the actions of the user.
  • The development of SPA applications whose views are constantly changing.

Therefore, if your application / website / e-commerce does not have many dynamic page updates, the developer will implement a lot of code for a very small benefit.

React.js uses its own syntax, called JSX, allowing to mix JavaScript and HTML to obtain a readable and maintainable code.

Alone, React.js will not be enough to build a fully functional dynamic application. However, one of its characteristics is that the views created can also be rendered on the server via Node.js. Unlike React Native, there is no need to use a different library. The same file is used on the client and server side. This is a significant improvement in performance. It is then possible to first make a static version of the pages using the server, which is faster and SEO-friendly, then activate user interactions and UI updates using React.js next customer.

Rather logically, it was used by Facebook to develop the newsfeed and is entirely written in React.js. Since its publication in open source in 2013, its popularity has been growing and other companies have adopted it, including Yahoo !, Airbnb and Sony.



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