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Are you looking for an expert Express.js agency for the creation of your website / e-commerce? Passionate about code and eager for new programming challenges, the Express JS developer team from the Alioze agency designs sites quickly and in real time thanks to the Express framework.


Express js


Express js: a server-side JavaScript framework

Based on Node.js technology, Express is an open-source micro-framework that provides all the functionality necessary for the rapid development of robust APIs and web applications. Our express.js agency evaluates this framework for its flexibility which leaves a great freedom of development from a framework which can be extended and modified relatively easily. Express indeed leaves the possibility to developers to write modules in order to extend its possibilities.

Express.js has tremendous community support, massive documentation, and the largest user base of any Node.js framework.

Alioze, an Express js development expert



Express: developer toolbox

Turned towards performance and innovation, our agency sees in Node.js the future of programming. The combined use of Node.js and Express.js makes it possible to quickly develop entire websites. This framework is a real toolbox for developers who want to create a website in JavaScript both on the client and server side.

By generating all the basic necessities at the start of an empty project and by providing all the directories and standard files to avoid the developer having to write them himself, the Express “generator” thus simplifies the creation of complex applications .

For developers, the time saved is considerable. Express allows them to do everything that Node.js does, but by reducing the number of lines of code. Express.js maps the URL into a template and populates the values ​​with data from a generic data store. This use of templates to create HTML greatly reduces the amount of input from the developer and thus speeds up agency work.

It is at least possible:

  • Implement middleware to respond to HTTP requests.
  • Define routing tables using HHPs and URLs methods.
  • Use templates for dynamic HTML rendering.

As an example, MySpace is trying to get back into the limelight by building its next version with Express.js. And if MySpace may seem out of fashion, Express.js has also been adopted by more flourishing names: Storify or Countly.



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