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Are you looking for an agency expert in Angular.js for the creation of your website / e-commerce? Passionate about code and fond of new programming challenges, the Alioze agency team of Angular.js developers designs dynamic web applications using the Angular framework.


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Angular JS: single-page application development framework

Developed in 2009 by developers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons on Google premises, Angular.js is regularly described as what HTML would have been like if it had been created for interactively rich web applications.

Angular.js is actually an open-source JavaScript framework primarily designed to facilitate the creation of single-page web applications. However, if Angular was not originally intended for the design of static websites, nothing prevents a developer from using it for this purpose.

Regarding our agency, Angular.js is an excellent “new generation” framework which has very attractive functionalities.

Each tool has been designed to work with all other tools interconnected. Indeed, Angular.js offers developers options for writing client-side applications (using JavaScript) in an MVC environment in a clean and maintainable manner.

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AngularJS: designed to facilitate the work of the agency and developers

The power and performance of Angular.js comes in particular from its bidirectional data link system allowing complete separation of the data model and the interaction between the user and the view.

With Angular.js, the developer only cares about the data: as soon as these are modified, the DOM automatically reflects these changes. The bidirectional data link of Angular.js manages the synchronization between the DOM and the model, and vice versa.

This is probably the most interesting and useful feature of Angular.js. It saves the developer from writing a considerable amount of code, while a typical web application can contain up to 80% dedicated DOM code.

The technologies that Angular.js combine thus help reduce bugs thanks to cleaner code, easier to understand and helps develop faster.

Google’s support for Angular is also a significant strength that contributes to its popularity: it is used by thousands of agencies and developers around the world.



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