Favourite brands for children and youth

What are the French people’s favourite childhood brands? Surveys conducted by market research and marketing companies allow us to find out what families think about their favourite brands. The companies favoured by parents and their children say a lot about the tastes and consumption habits of the French.


Kids’ favourite entertainment brands and licences in 2021

BrandTrends and Kidz Global, companies specializing in the family market, are collaborating. They deliver the barometer of the favourite entertainment brands of young Europeans, aged 0 to 14.

  • Lego remains the favourite brand for children, not only in Europe, but also worldwide. It even gains 2.4 points of growth over 2019, the largest change compared to other retailers. Lego won 15% of the votes.
  • The report ranks Disney in second place.
  • The mythical Barbie is still adored by children, despite her age. She is in third place on the podium.
  • Marvel, which is also owned by the Disney Group, is in fourth place.
  • Patrouille is in fifth place.
  • Masha and Mishka are in sixth place with 5.6% of the vote.
  • The Snow Queen stands the test of time and still fascinates little girls. It is the seventh most popular license among European children.
  • Spider-man with 4.9%, Sponge Bob with 4.5% and Harry Potter with 4.3% close the top 10 of children’s favourite brands.

If we separate the most popular brands by gender, Barbie wins for girls and Lego for boys.

The most popular brands in the children and youth sector

The Brands and Families website conducts an annual survey on family consumption. Over 6,500 families were surveyed between November and December 2020. The survey gave a label to the children’s stores that are most appreciated by parents and their children. This survey includes companies in twenty different areas: leisure and holidays, baby and children’s food, games, ready-to-wear, etc.
In 2021, we observe that the elected brands remain more or less the same as in previous years, proof that the French remain loyal to the companies they trust.

Les marques plébiscitées du secteur de l’enfance et de la jeunesse

Here is the ranking of the favourite brands for children and young people, according to Brands and Families :

  • IKEA is chosen for the furnishing of the children’s world.
  • Optic 2000 kids is a popular optical brand.
  • In terms of hygiene, Constance and Mustela are voted as the favourite brands of families.
  • Blédina won the first place for baby food.
  • The E.Leclerc supermarket for large-scale distribution.
  • Buffalo Grill is considered the best restaurant for families and dethroned Flunch.
  • The favourite brand for children’s snacks is LU.
  • Aubert, MAM and Bébé confort win the selection in childcare equipment.
  • Lego is not the most popular brand in this survey and only comes in third place. The big winner is the Vtech brand for baby games from 0 to 3 years and Playmobil for children from 3 to 10 years.
  • JouéClub is re-elected as the family’s favourite store, as in 2020.
  • The favourite holiday destination is Capfun.
  • The most popular amusement park is Disneyland Paris.
  • Parents magazine is the French people’s favourite press brand, while Gulli is the favourite TV channel.

A new question was asked in this 2020 vintage about the companies judged to be the most committed to the environment and health. E. Leclerc, Blédina, Carrefour, Mustela and Auchan form the top 5.

Finally, Orchestra is the leading ready-to-wear store. It is now ahead of Kiabi, which has held the top spot for several years. Yet a Kantar study of market share data, conducted between September 2019 and 2020, still positions Kiabi as the leader in the children’s clothing market.


French people’s favourite children’s clothing brands according to Kantar

For Hélène Janicaud, director of the Kantar Institute’s fashion division, the children’s textile market is not changing much. The well-known brands are still in the lead and newcomers are struggling to find their place.

Les marques de vêtements enfant préférées des Français

According to the 2020 data from the Kantar Institute, here is the barometer of the brands most favoured by French parents to dress their children.

For babies from 0 to 2 years old:

  • Orchestra has a 5.5% market share. The store chain is tied for fourth place with Petit Bateau, which also has 5.5%;
  • Sergent Major is third with 6.4% of the market;
  • Okaïdi-Obaïbi has a 7.4% share;
  • Kiabi remains unchallenged with a 12.2% market share.

For children aged 2 to 14, the top 5 are:

  • Kiabi, still in the lead with 8.9% of the market;
  • Intersport with 6.9% ;
  • H&M with 4.7%;
  • Okaïdi-Obaïbi with 4.4%;
  • Decathlon with 4.2%.

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