Top tourism searches on Google in France

In the search engine market, Google is the undisputed leader. With more than 92% of the market share in France, the Mountain View company imposes its codes in the referencing and the race to the first page.

Google has a huge amount of data about our internet usage and search habits. Thus, knowing the trends of the requests and the most searched tourism keywords on Google give tracks to direct its editorial contents and work its SEO.

So let’s review the top tourism queries on Google in France.



The 10 most popular foreign destinations in the Search

Every year, Google discloses the top keywords typed in the search bar. In 2019, for the first time, the theme of travel enters the trend chart. This is proof that tourism is becoming increasingly important in the consumption habits of travellers.

Here are the top 10 most searched destinations on Google in France:




The 5 most typed French cities on Google

A study by SEMRush, the US SEO software company, reveals the most popular cities with the French in Q2 2019.

The top 5 favorite cities of the French are :

  • Paris (673,000 queries) ;
  • Lyon (590,000) ;
  • Marseille (358,000) ;
  • Toulouse ;
  • Nantes.

In the top ten, Rennes, Lens and La Rochelle were less expected. Internet users are therefore not only interested in large municipalities.



Top 5 tourism companies in Google search

The same study indicates the tourism companies that show the most interest in the web. Three are French in the top five. The SNCF is the number one travel site with 5 million searches. It shares the top spot with Airbnb.

This is followed by Booking (3.3 million), Blablacar and Air France (tied at 2.7 million). The airline is very popular and even outperforms low-cost airlines.



Keywords and search trends for tourism on Google

According to the ”
Mapping of travel research in France
” from Think with Google, travel searches increased by 2% between 2018 and 2019. This shows that the French are increasingly planning and organising their holidays independently on the Internet.

This study provides insights into the research process. Long tail is growing, queries are becoming more complex and needs are becoming more specific and personal.

Internet users always want to find the best. As examples, the query ” best flight comparator ” increased by 212% between 2018 and 2019, ” best ski resort Northern Alps ” by 329% and ” best car rental comparator ” recorded a 779% increase.

Geolocation helps to personalise tourism research. In their SEO strategy, professionals in the sector must therefore think about positioning their travel agency, tourist establishment or activity in a local approach, and by integrating terms such as ” around me ” into their content.

The increases in the expressions ” Destination vacances avril ” (+113%) and ” Où partir en mars au soleil ” (+252%) show that the French know their departure period, but not necessarily their destination. Tourism actors must also work on their SEO in this sense in order to be visible at the top of the tunnel.



These trends and the top tourism searches on Google provide information on how Internet users function. They use the Internet throughout their holidays, from choosing their travel destination to returning home. As a tourism company, you must think your SEO according to these indicators and learn to know the habits of your customers in order to identify the most searched tourism keywords and position yourself at best.

As a web agency specialized in tourism, Alioze guides you in your digital marketing strategy, in particular by helping you identify the most effective keywords for your business, and thus optimize your natural referencing and your visibility in Google search.




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