Top real estate searches on Google in France

As the undisputed leader in search engines, Google makes life easier for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Every second, more than 63,000 queries are launched in the famous search bar.
With over 900,000 servers worldwide, is the most visited website in 2020.

Thanks to a regular update of its algorithm, Google tends to be more and more efficient. Thus, by collecting and analyzing data on keywords, it is possible to determine the general trends and needs of Internet users.

In this sense, knowing the main trends associated with real estate is a considerable asset in developing your digital strategy.

Evolution of the term “Real Estate” on Google France

Like the market it refers to, the term “real estate” goes through cycles. Depending on the time of year, the volume of searches is more or less important.

This curve represents the frequency of use of queries containing the term “real estate” between 2015 and 2020 :

The link between trends and the market

In recent years, the graph shows a higher frequency with the arrival of each spring. Real estate agents know that this is a very active season for the market. At this time, more homeowners want to sell their properties. Moreover, a large proportion of the promises or compromises of sale are signed between the beginning of April and the end of June.
There is therefore a correlation between the volume of searches on the term “real estate” and the seasonality of the market.

The spring peak of 2020

The curve clearly shows that a peak in the use of this term was reached between late spring and early summer 2020.
The coronavirus crisis and the first period of containment are the main factors explaining this trend.
Uncertainty about the future leads to the need to reconsider priorities. Even in times of crisis, real estate remains a reliable asset. Deprived of many social and professional activities during the confinement, many households have been thinking about a new housing project.

This development indicates that the French have shown a greater interest in real estate in 2020. This is important information for all professionals in the sector. More than ever, your presence on the Web must be strengthened through your website, but
also through social networks.
To do this, you can make articles and videos available to Internet users that take this term into account. These actions are relevant solutions to attract new prospects.

The most popular queries on the subject of real estate

Trends for the year 2020

This list of requests indicates the most searched keywords on Google France around the subject of real estate:


requetes immobilier google France

It only takes into account the period between November 2019 and November 2020.
The keywords “agency” and “real estate agency” are in 2nd and 4th position respectively. This year, the French are particularly interested in real estate agencies. The queries “real estate loan” and “real estate credit” come in 5th and 7th position on the trends, before “real estate”.
This result can be interpreted as follows: on the Web, in France, Internet users are actively seeking information or solutions concerning the financing of their project.
These trends are important to consider when creating new content.


Google’s suggestions

On the main page of the search engine, a single term entered offers a list of suggestions:


suggestion google mot cles immobilier


These take into account the location of your search and other personalized parameters such as your habits or preferences. In this case, the neutral search is more interesting: it shows the most popular queries. It is very likely that the geographical location is still taken into account by Google. However, these results could also give you ideas for communication actions.

Top searches containing the word “real estate

While the previous section covered queries related to the subject of real estate, this section presents searches containing the word “real estate”:


Top recherches contenant le mot immobilier


This nuance is important because it is analyzed differently by the Google algorithm.

Due to its popularity, the queries associated with the famous platform Le Bon Coin occupy the first two positions.
The next three queries have an index less than or equal to 40 (out of 100). They are therefore launched two to four times less than the first.

As a real estate professional, you may be asking yourself the question: can you create content based solely on these keywords? In theory, it would be legitimate to believe that this practice would be beneficial to gain visibility. In practice, it is a more subtle approach that requires a real SEO analysis. As such, it is necessary to take into account the competition of the request and several other criteria related to your activity.

Do you want to increase the visibility of your real estate business on search engines? Our agency Alioze, specialized in real estate, implements an effective SEO strategy in order to optimize your natural referencing and to complete your project.



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