Top 5 real estate influencers in France

Thanks to their charisma, their energy or their willingness to pass on their knowledge, certain public figures stand out in the real estate industry. This sector has also joined the digital age and forms of communication continue to evolve in this direction. Whether they are active on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, these opinion leaders have caught the ball ! Their intermediary role allows them to be more visible, but also to create a connection appreciated by their audience.

Discover our selection of the most popular French real estate influencers.



Pascal Beuvelet

A professional passionate about “stone“! With 45 years of experience in real estate, Pascal Beuvelet is recognized as a master of the sector. He began his career as a promoter in the mid-1970s. After a trip to the United States, he became one of the founding members of the Century 21 network in France. His family having transmitted the flame of entrepreneurship to him, he surrounds himself with employees who share his values and ideas. It is on these foundations that he built a unique network bringing together brokerage and real estate : In & fi Credits and The Door Man.

Followed by more than 27,000 Twitter followers, the influencer shares thoughts, tips and articles to educate his audience on a daily basis.





Olivier Seban

Author of the bestselling book “Everyone Deserves to be Rich”, Olivier Seban is the most famous real estate investing trainer on the web. With more than 200 videos posted on YouTube, the real estate influencer advises his 146,000 subscribers on various methods of enrichment and personal development.



As much appreciated by neophytes as by professionals, its training courses aim to learn how to enrich oneself while developing the mindset of an entrepreneur. His Facebook page, followed by more than 21,000 people, has numerous publications testifying to the success of his students. Self-made man, his motto is that everyone, regardless of their background or their initial beliefs, has the possibility of increasing their standard of living through real estate.



Béatrice Judel

Having started her career at Air France in the 90s as sales manager, Béatrice Judel quickly developed a commercial fiber. She held various positions in this sector, in particular that of director of distribution for the newspaper Le Parisien as well as the function of marketing director at Taxis Bleus.

Since 2013, she has headed the digital communication department of the Pierre & Vacances real estate group.



She considers social networks to be a formidable field of experimentation with great potential for innovation and challenge. Without denying the traditional aspect of the sector, Béatrice Judel sees digital as the future of real estate. His twitter account is followed by more than 12,000 subscribers.



Immobilier 2.0

2009, the start of a great digital adventure for two bloggers passionate about real estate: Vincent and Florian. Considering that the sector is struggling to break into the Internet, they decide to launch a blog dealing with news in the sector and new technologies : Real Estate 2.0. Shortly after its launch, the blog gained significant notoriety among its visitors and was a real success.

Its content and resources are intended primarily for professionals and real estate enthusiasts. Over time, their services have diversified: distance learning, tools for web marketing, Premium services, etc.


En l’espace de deux petites années le format stories s’est démocratisé sur presque toutes les plateformes… et a pas…

Publiée par Immobilier 2.0 sur Vendredi 18 décembre 2020


In 2020, Immobilier 2.0 and its team of 10 people have become essential for technology watch and real estate marketing. Over 35,000 people have subscribed to their Facebook page and the blog’s official twitter is followed by nearly 24,000 followers.



Yann Darwin

Be profitable now and not in 20 years“. This is the motto of Yann Darwin, entrepreneur and real estate investor. From his real name Yann-Loïc Chort, he owes his know-how to his experience in the field. Since 2016, Yann has published numerous videos on his YouTube channel. He provides valuable advice to those who want to succeed through real estate investing.



His professional and authentic tone allows him to be followed by nearly 85,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 50,000 people on his Facebook page. Recognized as a specialist in his field, Yann offers several training programs, including the Academy. These highlight rapid profitability thanks to comprehensive content while being accessible


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