Top 6 tourism influencers in France

Travel bloggers and influencers are paid to travel.

Behind this enticing vision of the world of influence lies a profession and a reality that is much more professional than it seems. Today’s explorers create content about a destination, place or tourism experience and share it with the community they have built over the years.

For tourism companies, working with these globetrotters is a real marketing lever as their recommendations are followed.

Here are the top 6 tourism influencers in France.

Les artisans de demain

Camille and Illiès define themselves as “two travelers in search of encounters and adventures”. For the past 4 years, they have been travelling the roads of East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia in search of the “Artisans of Tomorrow”. Men, women, families or communities who, in their own way, participate to a better world. Thanks to their camera, Camille and Illiès share their daily adventures and inspirations. The reports are available on their YouTube channel Les Artisans De Demain and their social networks.



Bruno Maltor

Influencer Bruno Maltor addresses his community directly with the name of his blog ” Your World Tour “. He knows how to make you want to go there thanks to his sympathy and his ultra-professional videos that take us with him to discover a destination.

As an ace in digital marketing, he regularly sets up original advertising campaigns. For example, his campaigns ” the best internship in the world ” or ” I’ll go sleep at a subscriber’s house ” made the buzz on the networks. He works with major tourism companies such as Air France, SNCF and AccorHotels.



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WONDER OF THE WORLD 🇮🇳 I’ve been using the last few days to take stock of the most powerful moments I’ve had in the last few months … And discovering the Taj Mahal (almost) alone at 6am is MUST be on my shortlist. It is one of the most beautiful wonders I have ever seen in my life, and it has to be deserved: from 8 am onwards, there are a lot of people, and the atmosphere is not as magical as it was at sunrise… I released a Vlog yesterday about this unique place in the world, go check it out quickly if you haven’t already, link in bio 🤙🏻 And, for the rest of you, what did you think? Did it make you want to go? 🙏🏻 #tajmahal #tajmahalindia #agra #india #inde

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In 2013, Elisa won the Best Job in The World competition organised by the Australian Tourism Board from over 330,000 applicants. For 6 months, she became a Park Ranger and promoted the Australian fauna and flora to her community. She brings along her companion and photographer Max.

Since then, they have become the bestjobbers and travel around the world thanks to collaborations with tourism actors. Their reports focus more particularly on nature and animals.



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[#UnTourEnCorse] 🇫🇷 Freedom! 3 days we’ve been here driving the beautiful roads of Corsica with our #Markusleminibus! A very special year where we feel like we have the island to ourselves! Tourism is slowly picking up. First step : Cap Corse and Saint Florent, to be found in stories (I will regularly complete the one on the front page). A treat! That evening, magnificent sunset from the Mattei Mill with a typical Corsican encounter… cf photo 2 and 3 😁🐏🐐. __ >> And what are your plans for this summer? Tell us everything! 🇬🇧 Freedom! We have been touring Corsica for 3 days now, with the impression of having the island to ourselves! Tourism is starting again but very slowly post COVID.

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The pink bird

At 23 years old, Camille leaves alone to do a 3 month internship in Thailand. She returns transformed and the journey will never leave her. With her boyfriend, she left for a 15-month world tour in Asia and South America.

Through her blog, she wishes to share her peregrinations and pass on tips and tricks to travel in complete serenity. A popular influencer, she has worked with many travel brands.



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YOUR HEAVENLY HOME? I pulled this picture out of the hard drives and I have to say that it makes me think a lot about where I would really like to live! This little corner of paradise that would really be like me… . I can imagine this wooden hut high up in the trees in the middle of nowhere! In a warm country, where I will be near water… Let’s be crazy, there would even be a natural slide to reach the lagoon from my balcony! 🌿🏄💦🌴🤩 . ➳ And you? Describe your dream home, if anything were possible! I’m sure you all have a little paradise in mind…. 🏠🌾🌲❄️ _________________________________________ 🔹Facebook : Loiseau Rose 🔸Travel blog : _________________________________________ #Paradise #BlueWater #DreamHouse

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Alex Vizeo

Alex Vizeo is one of the most influential tourism bloggers in France. Awarded several times, first at the Golden Blog Awards in 2011 and then at the Travel d’Or in 2017, Alex Vizeo is terribly endearing thanks to his humor and good humor.

He makes quality videos of his adventures that really make you want to go with him. With his sidekick Loris Monteux, he is using his influence to make a humanitarian film in 2019, First Steps to an Engaged Journey.




World Else

Pauline and Benoît are passionate about travel and adventure. This loving couple decided to leave everything behind in 2013 to travel 6 months in Asia and create the blog World Else. Through it, they want to share travel stories, tips and recipes from around the world. Their favourite themes are ecology, adventure and gastronomy.



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We wanted this roadtrip to be natural and well, I can tell you that we got it! Yesterday morning, we witnessed a crazy sunrise from Cuzet rock 🧡 The days are going by and showing us how much more (although we didn’t doubt it for a second) our country is so rich in diversity! Especially since we only talk about the region @auvergnerhonealpes.tourisme ! In short, I can only advise you to get up early even if it stings, in order to attend this show! Between us, when we think of this region, we rather imagine the Alps, don’t we? But in fact it’s so big and vast that I’m very happy to discover this lesser known area…And you, what is your favourite area of the region ? . #thiswasIvisitFrance #myHauteLoire #explorefrance #respirer #sevader #myauvergne #myauvergnerhonealpes

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