Top food searches on Google in France

Internet users are strongly interested in gastronomy. Proof of this is: “Food and drink” is the third most searched topic on Google. In order to be able to adapt the SEO strategy of your food or culinary product brand, it is therefore essential to know the research habits of the French.

To help you, here are the main keywords and food search trends on Google in France, before 2020 and since the coronavirus crisis.



Food search trends on Google before 2020

According to a Think with google article, the healthy food trend is gaining momentum. Views of health-related videos increased 33% on Youtube between 2016 and 2017 and the English expression “healthy food” gives 8.4 billion results on Google. Concerns change and the French take stock of industrialization. They now want to eat better and live better.


The search for “healthy food” is far superior to “foodporn” and the keyword “healthy food recipe” has recorded an increase of 140% during the last 12 months. Requests for “delivery of organic products” and “best organic products” have increased by 130% and 70% respectively.



Top recipe searches on Google

Every year, the giant Google publishes the most popular search trends and queries. In 2018, traditional dishes won the most votes. At the top of the podium are the great classics of French gastronomy:

  1. Filet mignon
  2. Beef Bourguignon
  3. The shepherd’s pie

Three typical Italian dishes are also in the top 10 with lasagna bolognese, osso-bucco and panna cotta with berries.
On the dessert side, the starlet cake is all the rage and takes 6th position in the top recipes for 2018. Family dishes to share and easy to make are therefore popular with the French. The savory pancakes come in 9th place.



Seasonality is highlighted in food requests

Cooking remains a classic theme and requests for homemade recipes are exploding. You’ve looked for a dish on the web before, right? Google’s ranking of the most searched keywords shows that dishes often correspond to seasonality. It is precisely the frangipane pancake that enters the Top 10 and takes first place. Easter leg of lamb and sausage rougail (already present in 2018) are in second and third position respectively.

  1. Frangipane
  2. Easter leg of lamb
  3. The sausage rougail



Food searches on Google in 2020 in the era of covid

The French have never cooked so much as they did during confinement. They make the most of the free time they spend in their home. Alone, as a couple, as a family, this is the moment more than ever to exercise, to practice and to innovate to give a little fantasy and sweetness to this very special everyday life. This penchant for “homemade” cooking is reflected in SEO in Google searches. For inspiration, the French are looking for information on Google and the Internet, and cooking requests explode from March 2020.

  • In April, bread comes out on top. According to Europe 1, research would have increased by 1000% for homemade bread, 450% for baguette and 250% for sandwich bread. The French are attacking one of the main elements of French gastronomy. As long as you do, you might as well start with the menu essential!
  • Then it is the desserts and pastries that are the most sought after. Pancakes already in the Top of previous years take third position, cookies fourth, followed by pancakes, brioche and waffles. Despite a gloomy atmosphere, the French remain greedy. There are only two savory dishes in the top 10, chicken and pasta.
  • We also note that “Cyril Lignac” has grown by 2,100% and is in third place in the cuisine and recipes category. Rather logical, because the television channel M6 offered, during confinement, a daily cooking show presented by the chef.
  • The websites of Marmiton, Cuisine AZ and Le Journal des Femmes have also seen a marked increase in attendance.



Changing consumption habits

Through a study of French requests from March 30 to May 18, Google draws SEO trends, reveals changes in behavior and helps to understand Internet users’ food needs.

The onset of the epidemic and its uncertainty first led to long lines in supermarkets and shortages of some products. We see that research to find out whether stores are open is increasing and that the French are concerned about access to basic food products. Then, searches for frozen increase, as well as recipes for breads and easy-to-make homemade dishes.

It should also be noted that “home delivery” is on the rise, as is “drive”. Some wonder if the Mac Donald’s drive remains open, a search that increases by 700%.

After the surprise and shock of the announcement, the French began to use their free time and decided to innovate and cook at home. Since the French are not necessarily used to cooking, they equip themselves. Thus, searches on the keywords “pastry robot“, “robotized kitchen” and “kitchen utensils” are increasing.

The French are also changing the way they consume and favor direct sales, the purchase of local and seasonal products. They want to consume more locally. The query “direct sales from producer” is typed more as well as “white asparagus“, the flagship product of the season.

The trend towards a more sustainable diet continues to hold true. And since you are never better served than by yourself and the weather is fine, the word “vegetable garden” increases.

After testing the simple recipes and now that they are equipped, the French need to challenge themselves and tackle more complicated recipes. There is an increase in searches for “acacia flower fritters“, “focaccia” and “tiramisu” the week of May 4th.

After six weeks of cooking and eating, the French are starting to worry about their weight! They want to “lose weight” and find solutions to “lose belly” or start a “gluten-free diet“, the week of April 27. Sports halls continue to be closed and the French want to buy “skipping ropes“.

The cuisine holds an essential place in the daily life of the French. The study of food searches on Google reveals SEO trends that say a lot about their needs and consumption. Expert SEO agency specializing in food, Alioze supports you in your digital marketing strategy and helps you identify the best performing keywords for your business.



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