11 foolproof SEO tips to improve your organic CTR

While CTR and AdWords ad rankings are intimately linked, in 2017 the importance of organic CTR is still not unanimously agreed upon in the SEO community.

Improving your organic CTR – the number of people who click on a link in natural search results after being exposed to it – has many benefits. Looking for just three good reasons to convince yourself to take the time to work on your CTR? Here they are:

  • The first, and not the least, is the impact on your ranking in Google search results. With a CTR exceeding 3%, you will gain at least one place in the natural referencing ranking.
  • The second is that increasing your CTR will also increase your conversion rate: doubling your CTR will increase your conversion rate by 50%.
  • The third will result in a significant increase in traffic to your website.

Starting to understand why organic CTR is so important to overall SEO success? If so, you can’t afford to ignore it.


SEO and CTR: I love you, I love you not

The CTR of the first position in the natural search results is high (on average around 40%), then it decreases as you go down in the ranking, until it drops below 10%.

CTR Google click-through rate
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This decrease is logical, since users mostly click on the first links suggested by Google, which are supposed to be the most relevant. But for the scrolling internet users, techniques exist to push them to click on the less well positioned links in order to increase the organic CTR and, consequently, to move up your pages in the SEO ranking.

Small details, such as a descriptive URL instead of a generic URL already improves the performance of a link by 25% (proven by Microsoft).

Since it would take a long time to list the number of SEO benefits you’ll get from working to improve your organic CTR, here’s an infographic that should convince you better than words. In the form of a practical guide, it will help you in the elaboration of a battle plan for the improvement of your CTRs.


How to improve your organic CTR for SEO?


Infographie SEO CTR organique

Infographic © WordStream – Translation FR : Alioze

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