The French’s preferred real estate brands

When the time comes to sell or acquire real estate, various questions arise : should you go through one real estate agency or through several ? In this case, which ones to choose? Why not try to sell the property through a real estate portal? If many French households are asking these questions, it is because each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Brands are doing well and have acquired notoriety in their respective category.

Whether it is real estate agencies or websites made freely available to individuals, being at the top of the podium is no accident. In the internet age, a digital marketing plan that is effective and consistent is one of the key factors for their success.

What are these networks, portals or real estate brands that have managed to stand out and gain the confidence of the French ? Without further ado, discover the brands of the real estate sector preferred by the French.



The criteria for choosing a real estate brand

The real estate sector takes into account many parameters and extends throughout France. Thus, the preference will be oriented differently depending on :

  • The type of property: apartments, houses, commercial premises, buildings, etc. ;
  • Geographical position : urban or rural environment, large agglomerations (Paris, Marseille, etc.) or city of less than 20,000 inhabitants;
  • The number of branches and their distribution across the territory : it is indeed easier to gain notoriety when a brand has a large number of branches strategically located throughout the country;
  • The services offered : does the real estate agency have premises to physically welcome its clients or is it entirely digital ? It is certain that a physical welcome can be warmer and gives a good image of the brand. However, due to higher fixed costs, the commissions charged by physical agencies will be higher.

Although these different factors tend to divide the preferences of French households, some real estate brands have clearly won their favor.



Stéphane Plaza Immobilier : the favorite network

According to a study conducted by the Inma Startmarketing polling institute, it was the real estate company founded by Stéphane Plaza that won the hearts of the French. A professional in the sector since the 1990s, he is notably known for having hosted the program “Recherche appartement ou maison“. In 2020, more than 500 agencies covering the entire territory are developing their activities under the Stéphane Plaza franchise.


Stephane Plaza logo


What to remember from this success ?

To answer this question, different factors have to be considered and it is therefore necessary to have a global approach to this success. With 30 years of experience as a real estate professional, Stéphane Plaza has become an expert in this field. He was subsequently able to pass on his skills and know-how to franchise agencies. In addition to offering quality services (interpersonal and technical) at aggressive prices, the brand enjoys the brand image and charisma of its founder.

Its marketing strategy is then very effective on several aspects :

  • Invest 1.8 million euros in 2017 for a communication campaign aimed at the mainstream media (television and radio);
  • Create an online video game in spring 2019, with the possibility of winning prizes for participants;
  • Set up a powerful digital ecosystem, in particular through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram;
  • Offer an intuitive website, with complete and varied content, intended for individuals wishing to sell or buy real estate.

Some of these actions entailed significant financial risks for the franchise, but also set it apart in the real estate market.



Specialized websites or preferred real estate portaks or the French

With the health crisis and the confined periods, the French have spent more time browsing the web. These moments are also many occasions to consider a move or to think about a real estate project. Currently, 9 out of 10 real estate acquisition projects start with web searches.

Often very easy to use and accessible to all individuals, specialized sites or real estate portals allow you to register or consult advertisements of properties for sale. During the second quarter of 2020, they therefore saw their number of visitors exceed 3 million per day ! Based on the number of monthly unique visitors, this ranking indicates the best sites dedicated to real estate ads in 2020:


Site immobilier preferes français


  • Le Bon Coin is largely in pole position with a number of 12 million new Internet users;
  • SeLoger came second with around 6.3 million;
  • Bien’ici comes in third place on the podium and welcomes almost 4 million visitors during the first period of confinement.


As real estate professionals, what means are you deploying to gain notoriety ? Are your forms of communication sufficiently effective and adapted to the world of the web ? In the era of digitalization of services, our Alioze agency, specializing in real estate, is standing by your side to put in place a communication strategy as solid as stone!



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