Food: The best advertisements and communication campaigns of the last years

Food advertising is omnipresent in our daily lives, whether in print magazines, through films on social networks, on TV or on posters in public transport. Some food communication campaigns make more of an impression than others and stand out thanks to their targeted message.

Here is our top of the best food ads of recent years.



1 – Oréo interviews the French with humor in a TV Ad

The American cookie Oreo decides to tackle the French market. Indeed, if Oreo is a popular cookie around the world, it does not have the same success in France. In 2018, the brand launched a TV advertising campaign to persuade the French to buy the cake. To do this, she hits hard by calling on actor Owen Wilson.



Several commercials are produced in which the movie actor desperately tries to present the cookie in broken French. We don’t quite understand what he says, but the ad sticks in everyone’s mind thanks to the character of Owen Wilson who brings humor and self-deprecation. The budget for four films was 630,000 euros, not counting the actor’s fee, which remained secret.



2 – Michel et Augustin, As of Marketing

Two high school friends, Michel and Augustin founded this company in 2004. What makes it successful ? An enterprising, collective and daring spirit that regularly concocts the best food advertisements of recent years.

For their targeted and engaging marketing, Michel and Augustin use social networks and video format to develop their community. They put the package on their youtube channel by questioning onlookers in the street, by sending the HRD to recruit in the subway and by traveling to the United States to meet the CEO of Starbucks.



In July 2014, the Lyon brand produced six other advertising spots independently which are “anything but advertising”. These films are still shown on the web, but also on TV, and even in the cinema, because they want to make their brand known to the general public. They are produced entirely in-house in their offices in La Bananeraie and interpreted by the members of the team. The simple and offbeat staging highlights all the little hands of the company, a way to show, once again, the values of the company and its authenticity. In short, 100% homemade, just like their “wow” delicacies!




3 – Intermarché’s vegetables and bad fruits have their dedicated advertising

In April 2014, the distributor Intermarché joined forces with the advertising agency Marcel to fight against food waste. On advertising posters, an eggplant, a carrot, or a lemon with quirky shapes dominate. They are different from the standardized fruits and vegetables that we are used to finding on supermarket shelves and are associated with a message such as “an ugly carrot is a pretty soup” as well as the slogan “ ugly fruits and vegetables Intermarché ”. This communication campaign is also available in advertising spots. An uniquely shaped clementine and carrot are personified while a voice encourages them to believe in themselves and go beyond their physical appearance.



When Intermarché decides to market these foods which are normally thrown away, it encourages people to consume all the products and not to rely on aesthetic canons. It is also a way for the brand to improve its image by participating in the fight against food waste.



4 – Heineken, a world of its own

In April 2017, Heineken hit hard with an advertisement in which two people who didn’t know each other had to build a piece of furniture together. Once the goal is completed, they sit down at a bar to watch a video in which each one reveals herself. The beliefs of one are the opposite of the other. They are then invited either to leave the room or to chat over a beer. Feminist and macho, environmentalist and climate skeptic, transgender and transphobic decide to sit down, open the Heineken and have a chat. The message of this ad is clear: beer is a way to open dialogue and bring people together. The brand remains true to its slogan “Open your world” and signs here one of the most impactful food communication campaigns of recent years, which well deserves its place in this top food advertisement.




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