The best children’s and youth commercials of recent years

Communication campaigns on the subject of children and young people must be fair, because adults expect companies to be on the ball in this sensitive area. Whether it’s on television, the Internet or in billboards, certain ads leave their mark on our memories and stand out from the crowd thanks to their targeted message. Here are some of the best children’s and youth ads of the past few years according to Alioze.

The truth about Petit Bateau

A memorable communication campaign is that of the children’s clothing brand Petit Bateau. The TV spot dates from 1996. On the soundtrack “Fais pas ci, fais pas ça” by Jacques Dutronc, images of children having fun, dancing, singing, jumping in puddles, eating… and a slogan to close the video: “What’s the point of imagining clothes if you can’t do anything in them”. Fantasy, a flagship slogan and perfectly targeted and it’s done!



The BETC agency was right on target here. A child needs strong clothes to live his daily life. Since 1996, the communication company has accompanied Petit Bateau and won the APPM Grand Prix several times, in 2002, then in 2004 and 2008. In the 2008 advertising, it is no longer just children who are targeted, but everyone from 18 to 924 months. The advertisement for the new Petit Bateau t-shirts, once again, hit the right spot.


The creativity of Lego

It is again the BETC agency, in collaboration with the LEGO®Agency, which manages to sublimate the children’s play brand by enhancing its playful and creative character. The brand had not run a communication campaign of this magnitude for some thirty years. It consists of posters, mini-spots and a film for TV and cinema. It is said to have cost more than one million euros to make and “took 18 months to complete, including ten days of filming and five to six months of post-production”.



A bit like a cartoon, the images tell a story. A hunter tries to shoot a rabbit in a country landscape, then in a city, where he comes up against several obstacles, facing a clever animal. The spot features a whole bunch of iconic characters from the game interacting together: the fireman, the dragon, the vintage car or even Alice’s rabbit are invited to this fabulous story.

The different atmospheres and universes mix and mingle. The spectator then lets himself be carried away in this imaginary adventure and this creative tale. The aim of the communication campaign is to confirm that playing with bricks contributes to the development of children’s creativity. And to those who think this activity is a bit too austere, Lego answers with inventiveness and imagination. With Lego, it is possible to “Rebuild the World” to adapt to a constantly changing environment and create your own reality.


The madness of Milka

“And the groundhog, he puts the chocolate in the foil!”. Who doesn’t remember this mythical phrase from the Milka ad? The commercial, designed by the communications agency Young and Rubicam, dates from 1998. It was executed by Chris Noonan who is none other than the director of the movie Babe.

It features a man who tells a woman at the supermarket what he discovered during his last mountain hike. He came across the factory where the Milka chocolate bar is made. Through the window of the mountain chalet, he sees a cow and a marmot helping to make the candy. The scene is improbable and the spectator comes to wonder if the character has invented his story… or not.



Two elements are memorable in this ad. First of all, the fact that the brand uses its purple cow, Milka’s emblem, to manage the entire organization of its production chain. Moreover, this TV commercial is so well remembered for its wonderful, jovial and imaginary atmosphere. The child continues to dream and the adult enjoys making things up.

The confectionery advertisement has become so well known that the mythical phrase has become an everyday expression! It indicates to the person you are talking to that you have doubts about his story.


The struggle of Little Big Change

The Buzzman agency designed the latest campaign for Little Big Change, the eco-responsible nappy brand. It legitimately finds its place in the best advertisements of the childhood sector for its cuteness coupled with its engaging side.



The ad first launched online in June 2018. The diaper is used as a means of expression for babies who cannot yet speak. They get their message across through words written on their diapers. Together they form sentences to address the audience, read by a voice-over. These children want “nothing in their diapers but their own shit”. A frontal way to assert the position of the brand Little Big Change which sells diapers without chemicals with 0% chlorine, perfume and toxic products.

Following the success of the launch campaign, Buzzman has done it again in 2020. This time, the babies are delivering their message in the form of posters, advocating for healthy diapers.

So does this inspire you? Contact Alioze, your communication agency specialized in the children & youth sector, to help youdevelop your advertising campaign.




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