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A major lever in customer loyalty and a successful communication campaign, the newsletter is now an essential tool for all businesses.

As an experienced newsletter creation agency, Alioze supports companies in all stages of setting up their newsletter and emailing campaigns. Our know-how extends to all types of customers: e-merchant with outgoing high-volume communication, company with corporate communication, brand or company present online with information communication, etc.




Creating a newsletter is a real job. Simple at first glance, its design nevertheless requires a complete know-how facing multiple challenges, in terms of:

  • Planning;
  • Graphics;
  • Drawing ;
  • Writing ;
  • Technical integration;
  • Contact database (confidentiality, volumes, segmentation, etc.);
  • Correction and translation;
  • Compatibility test on different mail clients (Gmail, Outlook, Wanadoo, Hotmail, etc.);
  • Deliverability (management of arrival in spam);
  • Creation of an opt-in database;
  • The opening rate ;
  • Click rate;
  • Reporting and monitoring.
Alioze, a newsletter expert


Our newsletter creation services

The different steps we follow to create your newsletters are as follows:

  • Technical implementation;
  • Graphic design ;
  • Illustration (fashion, beauty, blog) by a specialist illustrator;
  • Creation of editorial content;
  • Development and management of the communication plan;
  • Email Management;
  • Provision of an opt-in base;
  • Marketing analysis and follow-up (click, conversion, etc.)



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