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A marketplace is an e-commerce platform that brings together several sellers from related business sectors.

Alioze helps you carry out your project and supports you in creating a marketplace.




Why a marketplace?

Whether in C2C (individuals to individuals), B2C (professionals to individuals) or B2B (from professionals to professionals), the concept of marketplace holds great promise:

  • Universal promotion and distribution of products;
  • Junction between customers and sellers from all horizons;
  • Reduction of inventory and delivery management costs (provided individually by each seller);
  • Expansion of the product catalog by opening the e-commerce site to third-party sellers;
  • Hand put on a market.



The marketplace: the new El Dorado for e-commerce?

At the mere sight of the successes of Amazon, Rue du Commerce or eBay, the development of a marketplace can act as a new Eldorado for e-merchants who wish to give impetus to their turnover by offering to selling the products of other traders rather than competing with them.

Indeed, marketplaces can become real audience hubs by centralizing the offer on the same digital space. But, on a daily basis and in the long term, the deployment of a marketplace requires support on several aspects.

The challenges of the marketplace differ from the issues of traditional e-commerce.

But good positioning, good market research and optimized SEO remain key elements of the success of a marketplace.

On the condition that the “techniques” of SEO are entrusted to professionals, a marketplace, in that it concentrates many product pages, allows you to reference on many specific keywords and establish yourself as a leader in Google search results.

The mistake not to make is to want to cast too wide and not to position the market place in a particular niche. We must at all costs avoid encroaching on the flower beds of those who have already invested in a niche and found their audience. Particular attention must therefore be paid to studying and understanding the market. The latter cannot be limited and often requires calling on an agency or a specialized service provider to analyze, list and plan the budget, competitors and all the parameters to be taken into account.

The diversification and consistency between the different sellers and products must also be irreproachable for those who want to embark on the adventure of the marketplace successfully.

Alioze, a marketplace expert



Our marketplace deployment services

Choosing Alioze for the deployment of its marketplace is to avoid going blind into a complex business. It is the choice of security at all levels:

  • launch;
  • transactions;
  • success;
  • sustainability.

At Alioze, an agency expert in web development and Magento e-commerce creation, we always take the time to thoroughly reflect and audit the needs specific to each sector of activity and the specific uses of the targeted audiences.



Market development modules / solutions

Several modules / solutions are available to allow several suppliers to sell their products on a site and thus transform an e-commerce into a marketplace.

These extensions offer all the functionality necessary for the deployment and proper functioning of a marketplace:

  • a single seller page showing all their products;
  • membership and shipping management options, commissions, orders;
  • registration pages;
  • … And much more.

Alioze has tested the best Magento marketplace modules (Webkul Marketplace, Vnecoms Marketplace, Apptha Marketplace, Medma Marketplace, CM Marketplace) and is therefore able to deploy your e-commerce in the marketplace.



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