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Looking for a Meteor.js agency expert for your website / e-commerce creation? Passionate about code and eager for new programming challenges, the Meteor.js developer team from the Alioze agency produces fast and responsive sites thanks to the Meteor framework.


Meteor js


Meteor js: a real-time framework

Based on Node.js technology, Meteor is an open-source full-stack framework designed to create web applications that synchronize in real time with the server. By making it possible to build and manage the front-end, the back-end and the database only in JavaScript, Meteor.js offers undeniable comfort to the developer.

As the web and its users evolve towards more instantaneousness, Meteor greatly simplifies the creation of web applications in real time, without any additional effort on the part of the developer Meteor.js: its installation is enough to equip it with everything necessary .

With Meteor.js, every modification made to templates and data flows automatically and instantly from the server to the browser. When the database is updated, the template data is also updated. So when a user clicks a button or submits a form, the action occurs immediately, without refreshing the page. The responsiveness and practicality of Meteor make it the favorite of our agency!

Alioze, a Meteor js expert



Meteor: right hand of the agency developer

A developer must have several strings to his bow. The creation of a website / e-commerce, involves a reflection around:

  • The interface
  • The background
  • The database
  • But also around thousands of details

Meteor simplifies this process by reducing the number of elements that the developer has to consider.

A complete tool, the Meteor framework comes with a standard structure and its own technology stack, but remains flexible enough to allow the developer to use the technology of his choice. It is thus possible to modify the application as desired.

The Meteor community is bubbling. It includes a team of ultra-qualified developers straight from the offices of Google, MIT and Asana who work closely with the community. In addition, there are a lot of passionate agencies and developers who are developing amazing packages and solutions.



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