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A pioneering marketing agency in brand strategy, Alioze works with and for its clients to create high-quality brand platforms, which enable them to obtain a clear positioning and strengthen their internal and external communication.

To be successful, this long and collective work requires an in-depth study as well as consultation with a large base of employees within the company.



The brand platform, vector of positioning and embodiment of brand identity

The brand platform generally includes the following attributes:

  • Brand identity: what it is, how it defines itself. We often speak of brand DNA or brand personality.
  • Brand vision: how the brand perceives the world around it and its market. She can for example have an evolutionary or conservative vision.
  • Brand mission: after defining its vision, the brand details the way it wishes to interact with its environment, the role it intends to play in its market.
  • Brand values: the things, the principles in which it believes, its ethics.
    The brand promise: what makes the brand unique, its added value for its customers in its market.

The definition of a brand platform makes it possible to refine and strengthen the marketing positioning and to provide the company with a culture and a strong identity by uniting all of its employees and subcontractors.

This is the reason why it is imperative to consult a maximum of employees to know their perception and their vision of the brand in the long term.

Each attribute must be tangible and capable of being demonstrated: if it displays, for example, humanism values, it must be able to provide evidence.


Alioze, a brand platform expert


The process of creating the brand platform is done in several stages:

  • Internal audit which will help to outline the main lines. We also talk about communication audit.
  • Management committee meeting to clarify the various points put forward by the audit and define the identity of the company and its positioning.
  • Organization of collective interviews with employees to identify the main values of the brand.
  • Analysis and presentation of results by the agency.
  • Formalization of the brand platform by the company.

The Alioze teams dedicated to brand strategy accompany you through each step of this process to deliver you a successful and sustainable brand platform.



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