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The number of owners of smartphones and other connected mobiles is booming and mobile applications have invaded the daily lives of a large part of the population. Now, the majority of time spent on mobile is spent using an application.



The competition is tough and everyone is going to develop their application. But the world of mobile is clearly different from that of the web. The handling, the approach, the context and the environment of use are very different. To develop an application that can stand out and establish itself in the daily lives of users, the ideal is therefore to contact a qualified agency or SS2I.

Alioze, a mobile application expert



Native and web mobile application: design and functional

At Alioze, we never go blind into development. We always take the time to assess the needs specific to each sector of activity in order to integrate into our applications only functionalities that are really useful to the user.

We design your mobile applications based on in-depth reflection around your field of activity, your brand image and the specific uses of your target. We take particular care to understand your request to direct you to the mobile solutions best suited to the functional needs of your customers.

As a design specialist, we pay as much attention to the graphics of the applications we develop as to that of our websites. The Alioze added value is the design of applications that are both functional and innovative, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, design and ergonomics.

Our applications are coded cleanly and work on different platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone



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