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Are you creating your brand?
Looking for a catchy company or product name?
Are you facing a problem with brand positioning or repositioning?

With more than 10 years of experience in strategic semantics, design and artistic direction, Alioze is the reference naming and branding agency. In love with words and images, we are specialists in name creation and brand identity development.



Alioze’s flexible, original and intuitive approach will allow you to stand out.

Our global vision in traditional marketing and digital marketing allows our customers to recoup their investments in image and communication.

Our creativity, supported by solid legal expertise in trademark and Internet law (domain names), allows us to support you in the design of a relevant brand, consistent with your target and viable over the long term. .

In the event that your brand already exists, you confront it with the advice and requirement of a specialist agency that works with new or existing brands based everywhere around the world.


Alioze, a naming and a branding expert


Our naming and branding services


Audit and market research

It all starts with an in-depth audit: study of your history and what exists, listen to your expectations, analyze your products and services, analyze your target and analyze your objectives.



Our identity development process begins in concrete terms with naming, the verbal identity of your brand. This step logically includes trademark law advice, since it obviously involves protecting it legally.



Make way for “branding” and global brand identity based on its semantic positioning, a stage during which we can also build together the visual identity of your brand.


Support and strategic advice

The Alioze global marketing strategy can finally naturally open up, if you wish, to e-business support in France and abroad.



Our prices for your naming / branding needs

When a brand is created or repositioned, the choice of name and identity is a major expense and a lasting investment.

Alioze tariffs are tailor-made according to the needs of each company. However, and depending on the work carried out, it is consistent to say that the average price range is between £ 3,500 and £ 9,000 excluding taxes.

When studies are more in-depth, or when it is a brand overhaul, these amounts can change and quickly exceed this range.



Need help for your naming / branding?

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