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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) entered into force on May 25, 2018.

Do you need GDPR training or help with your compliance?

Be ready by calling on the GDPR experts from our agency. They support you to better understand this regulation and your obligations since its application.

GDPR: is your company affected?

GDPR requires that all companies, associations and agencies that process personal data on citizens of the European Union modify the way they store, manage, share, transfer and communicate on this data.

More specifically, the organizations concerned by the GDPR correspond to the following criteria:

  • Presence in an EU country.
  • No presence in the EU, but the processing of personal data of European residents.
  • Over 250 employees.
  • Less than 250 employees, but the data processing impacts the rights and freedoms of the data subjects, is not occasional, or includes certain types of sensitive personal data.

In short, the GDPR affects almost all businesses.


GDPR: speed up your compliance

GDPR stipulates that EU citizens must give their express consent for their data to be stored and processed by a company. It also gives them the right to access, correct, transfer or delete their personal information at any time.

With the GDPR application date approaching, your company must now fully understand what personal data it holds, where it is stored and who has access to it.

You must have a data protection strategy in place, maintain verifiable records, and be able to quickly detect and report data breaches.

Your main task is mainly to collect all this data in one place. Given the volume and diversity of databases available to most companies, this is a major challenge! However, if you do not take the necessary measures to protect the customer data you process in time, you may be subject to sanctions.

This is why Alioze offers to support you.

Our experts can help you quickly achieve and maintain your GDPR compliance.

For this, we provide an assessment of the current level of compliance of your organization and your website. We also produce an action plan that defines and prioritizes the key issues that your business must solve to become compliant.

Finally, to keep your company GDPR compliant beyond May 2018, we develop a longer-term strategy and provide you with GDPR advice.


Alioze, a GDPR expert


GDPR services from our experts

  • Audit of your current security processes
  • Audit of your website, developments and modifications required in case of non-compliance
  • GDPR compliance report
  • Personalized action plan
  • Recommendations for compliance and its maintenance
  • GDPR training


GDPR: and after May 2018?

The success of your business depends largely on your ability to build relationships with your customers. But this cannot happen without data.

Direct marketing communications, personalized offers, improvements to your e-commerce based on buyer behavior, rest assured, your actions and strategies will continue after the entry into force of the GDPR.

Compliance should therefore not scare you. Even if the challenges it creates are many, these regulations can also represent a huge opportunity for your business and your website.

As you know: data protection and confidentiality are hot topics that concern most consumers. Before making a purchase, or engaging with a brand, customers want to be reassured about the use of their data.

The smartest organizations are already using data protection as a marketing selling point. Whatever the size of your business, or the volume of traffic to your website / e-commerce, you can do the same.

Develop your business, your website and your brand image by taking advantage of the GDPR! Communicate that you are in compliance.

If you are GDPR compliant and your competitor is not – or even if you are both GDPR compliant, but only you boast about it – this could be a big selling point.


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