Concerned about the security of your business and website? The cybersecurity services offered by Alioze aim to minimize any risk of loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of your company that could arise from the vulnerability of your website or email service.



Businesses of all sizes and industries are increasingly threatened by targeted attacks that can come from inside and outside the network.

As the main entry and exit points for your business, email and web traffic pose the greatest risk to unauthorized intrusion attempts.

With nearly 10 years of experience, Alioze has evaluated, tested and implemented for its customers many robust and tailor-made security solutions. Our security solutions for your website and corporate messaging service will allow you to identify security holes and defend yourself against threats.


Website security audit

As information and communication technologies permeate all aspects of our lives – from shopping to managing our finances to education and commerce – the risk of cyber threats to organizations across the world is getting higher and higher.

As a company using these technologies, you are unfortunately not immune. Cyber ​​attacks happen every day, because in the event of a security issue, anyone with an Internet connection can find weaknesses in your platform.

To ensure the security of your business and protect sensitive information in your database (customer card numbers, email addresses, etc.), it is essential not to let hackers take advantage of the vulnerability of your website.

Maintenance and security services for your Alioze website allow your business to detect and resolve weaknesses in your code that could allow hackers to access all sensitive data on your site.

To do this, our team of developers, made up of Magento and WordPress security experts, performs a security audit of your site and provides you with a full report identifying all the flaws found, as well as remediation recommendations to resolve the threat.

Alioze also helps you to put in place appropriate solutions and fixes to solve all your security problems and block malicious attacks.

Thanks to this code audit, you get a detailed list of all the weaknesses of your site in terms of performance and security, and the means to remedy them. Without a code audit, you cannot be sure that your Magento e-commerce or WordPress site is properly secure.

Alioze, a cybersecurity expert

Magento security audit

Keeping your PCI security standards up to date for your Magento e-commerce is a good place to start, but you should also add multiple layers of security for any client-facing endpoint.

Indeed, basic protection tools are no longer enough to protect against new sophisticated cyber attacks, and the lack of implementation of cybersecurity services can jeopardize an entire organization.

Sometimes a maintenance-free module, extension or update is all it takes to put your entire business at risk. Even a short interruption of the network results in significant financial damage which can amount to millions of euros.

This is why it is important to make your Magento e-commerce as secure as possible to protect it from a password-based attack, SQL injection, the Cross Site script and other attacks at the level of application.

By performing a Magento security audit, you can prevent and block attacks on your e-commerce site by identifying and correcting the various flaws.

During a Magento security audit, the Alioze developer team performs a complete verification of your e-commerce site. We review the latest fixes, check for updates, run custom security check scripts and various tests.

Once your Magento audit is complete, we provide you with a detailed report on how it works, as well as recommendations that you can either hire with us, or with another partner or agency.


WordPress security audit

WordPress being one of the most popular open source content management systems (CMS), it is a prime target for hackers. They use blogs and websites to spread malware, phishing and other attacks.

Successful attempts to gain unauthorized access via a CMS such as WordPress give attackers the ability to download PHP backdoors (preprocessor hypertext) and other malicious scripts from compromised websites. It is therefore necessary to secure your WordPress site before a hacker can exploit its vulnerability.

In terms of cybersecurity, WordPress security plugins are not enough since they can contain several security vulnerabilities. So, if you don’t want to be the next victim of hackers, you have to find your site’s vulnerabilities.

A WordPress security audit performed by Alioze allows you to inform yourself of these vulnerabilities, to correct them, and to take various actions to ensure that your site is completely secure.


Email and corporate email security

External threats enter your business through normal communication channels, such as email. That’s why you need a security solution that protects your business from all email threats.

This solution includes filtering capacity and business continuity functionalities.

Filtering functionality helps block viruses by examining the original IP address, attachment size, file type, text content, sender reputation and more to prevent viruses malware, spam and other junk email to access inboxes. Filtering thus guarantees that reliable e-mails are delivered with a minimum delay while fraudulent e-mails are blocked or quarantined.


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