Who is Edouard Duban?

Edouard Duban was born in a small town in the north of France called Paris, January 5, 1985, on the day of his name day!
From his youth, he was passionate about entrepreneurship and created his first business at the age of 18. Passionate about customer relations and having easy contact, it is quite natural that he turns to business studies after passing his Advanced Level.

At ESSEC – Global BBA, he does not really find his place and does not recognize himself in traditional marketing approaches, in a world where Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will soon emerge.

In search of a strategic sector to start his career, he took his first steps on the web as a community manager in a start-up. He then began to forge his know-how, his network, and his unique approach around emerging communities and social media.

It is in this spirit of start-up – valuing each person’s skills, research of permanent innovation, stimulation of creativity, reactivity and team spirit turned towards the same purpose: success – that Edouard Duban flourishes and asserts himself as a leader in his market.

Quickly, he discovered the advertising management of the search engine giant and became certified Google Ads. At that point, he understands the importance of semantics and the total dimension that it must take in the context of a successful digital strategy. In the extension of his work on Google Ads, he becomes an expert in natural referencing, a totally different sector and of which he explores many techniques.

A strategic vision and ambition for all

Edouard Duban is convinced that all companies, whatever their sizes, can succeed on the Internet:

  • SMEs have flexible structures that allow them to quickly adapt their strategy.
  • Larger MEs and Groups have more substantial resources.

Thus, Edouard Duban offers his vision, always looking for concrete points of improvement for his clients both in terms of their communication and the deployment of their digital strategy.

After a start focusing on training and referencing, he turned to more advanced technical solutions in order to implement the e-commerce and mobile strategy of traditional brands or pure players. He defends in turn the interests of brands or resellers, in B to C and B to B in order to optimize the acquisition channels and provide each with a respectful and appropriate strategy.

Edouard Duban: the founder behind Alioze

5 dates: 5 highlights

2008 – Foundation of Alioze: marketing agency specializing in the creation of e-commerce websites using Magento and approved training company to help companies in their digital transformation. Quickly, he developed innovative solutions for small businesses, artisans, and traders to help them position themselves.

2012 – Increase in power: Edouard Duban strikes a deal with Goodyear Dunlop for a display campaign and a very operational mission for which he will receive congratulations from all the internal teams. His vision is that of a facilitator who also knows how to act concretely to resolve all situations, from e-reputation to design through technique.

His strength is to surround himself with ultra-specialist profiles and to gravitate around each person’s superpowers in order to have a global vision for his clients’ files. He is pushing Alioze in a strong direction, between profitability and operational flexibility. He always seeks to reconcile new products and cutting-edge techniques with a perspective of the needs expressed by his clients.

2013 – Leader position on Google: on Magento e-commerce businesses. After several years of optimization and demonstration of know-how for his clients, at a time when Prestashop tends to become the most used solution in France, Edouard Duban decides to take the market on the wrong foot, and remains specialized in Magento .

Alioze’s site topped the list of search results at a time when the concept of “small e-trader” no longer exists. Incoming players want maximum functionality, and the agency’s deployment techniques make it possible to deliver high-performance sites at the same prices as less efficient technical solutions.

2015 – From the web agency to the global communication agency: the identity of the agency is evolving towards that of an excellent general practitioner who offers a global approach in web development and traffic acquisition. From a web agency focused on technology, Alioze becomes a 360 ° creative marketing agency integrating strong historical occupations. Whereas traditional communications agencies struggle to make the way to the digital transition, Alioze is positioned as a reliable and competent reference on the major subjects of businesses in the 21st century

2017 – Passing the milestone of € 1.5M turnover: The Alioze team continues to grow, with highly qualified profiles with which Edouard Duban knows how to surround himself. The objectives are clear: continue to maintain strong growth and always better anticipate customer needs.

The conquest of new projects with larger dimensions and new scalability issues are among the challenges. International development is also a strong subject at Alioze, with the opening of first customers in China and the Middle East.