The 3 best health advertising and communication campaigns of the last years

Advertising is omnipresent in our daily life. The health sector cannot ignore this dissemination system to do prevention and sell. How to be fair, impactful and relevant in your message on these sensitive subjects? Here are the best health advertising and communication campaigns of recent years.



1 – The winner of the health communication festival

The health communication festival brings together the main players in medicine and pharmacy every year. Managers, communicators, marketers have been meeting since 1989 to reward the best health advertisements. The 2020 edition, which could not take place because of the Covid-19, will be postponed until November 2021 in Deauville. It will be followed by an awards ceremony in the capital in January 2022.

In the meantime, let’s come back to the winner of the Grand Prix of the 2019 festival. The French association for the study of the liver (AFEF) had carried out a campaign throughout France to prevent hepatitis C. Asymptomatic disease, it reached 75,000 French people who ignore it and can turn into cirrhosis or cancer. AFEF, along with the SOS Hepatitis patient association and the pharmaceutical companies Abbvie and Gilead, has decided to #dubruitcontrel’hépatitec. The concept ? Break the disease out of silence by being as noisy as possible.




All channels were used: TV movie, billboard, website and social media. The campaign encouraged French people to get tested for hepatitis C. The Addiction agency, in charge of the project, also used the Tour de France media event to make its voice heard among the population. She followed the competition throughout the month of July, throughout France, to sensitize as many people as possible through noisy trucks and prevention and screening actions. All of this obviously related on social networks.




2 – The american Mayo clinic promise hope

Adforum, the advertising industry news site, delivers its top 5 best health advertising campaigns for September 2020.

The Mayo Clinic is on the top of the podium. This American teaching hospital in Minnesota unveils its latest installment of the You Know where to Go campaign. On social media, a video called The power of Answers shows the impact of certainty on a brain that was until now in the unknown. Science and art merge in computer-generated images that show synapses illuminating. The Mayo Clinic promotes its model of care, which aims to provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis.

Sherri Gilligan, the hospital’s director of marketing, says the Mayo Clinic doesn’t promise cure for every patient, but answers that give the patient hope and optimism.





3 – Sensibilization campaigns around schizophrenia

In 2018, the Pierre Deniker Foundation for Research and Prevention in Mental Health launched the #uneautrerealite campaign. Its goal ? Changing the outlook on schizophrenia, providing information on treatments and collecting donations for research. 600,000 French people are affected by this disease, which is often poorly perceived. The first symptoms appear in young people between 15 and 25 years old and yet the disease is diagnosed on average only 10 years later. Fear and ignorance lead to misunderstanding and denial. We speak of mental suffering, but also of the difficulties in accepting one’s pathology in a society which judges.

The campaign rolled out by the Publicis group and the Marcel agency mainly used social networks to destigmatize schizophrenia. A commercial follows Alexis, a young boy who wears a virtual reality mask. He cannot get rid of this vision which handicaps him on a daily basis in his perceptions and in his relationship to others. The slogan is clear “To be a victim of schizophrenia is to be a prisoner of another reality”.

More recently, in March 2020, it was the Association des jours de la schizophrenia that launched a campaign to raise awareness about the disease, to dispel misconceptions and prejudices. It unveils a campaign aimed at young people using the codes of TV series. Several episodes of “Schizo, the first scientific series inspired by real facts and endorsed by a committee of experts on schizophrenia” tells the story of Alice who returns to high school and begins to find the behavior of her classmates strange . In this film, new discoveries and advancing research are highlighted.






Alioze hopes that these advertising campaigns give you ideas for your media plan. Do not hesitate to contact our team specializing in health marketing and communication who will be able to support you.


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